Individual Therapy Benefits

The benefits to individual therapy are quite vast and have been found in various studies. Different types of individual therapy may have different benefits, but here are a few well-researched individual therapy benefits: - May provide longer-lasting benefits than psychopharmacological treatments for some conditions - Effective across age ranges, including children, adults, and older adults - Benefits of individual therapy may actually grow after treatment is complete - Therapy may help individuals suffering from anxiety and depression return to a level of functioning similar to a person not afflicted with a mood disorder - Especially effective in addressing a huge range of issues in children and adolescents - Overall, individual psychotherapy may reduce medical utilization and expenses - May reduce level of disability and morbidity and improve work and relationship functioning in those with mental health disorders - A strong link between therapeutic interventions, mental health, and overall physical health - Less side effects than many pharmacological treatment methods - Improve mood and health in those with chronic health conditions You can view the Recognition of Psychotherapy Effectiveness from the American Psychological Association to learn more about the benefits of therapy sessions and find the actual research to back these claims.